Advanced Commercial Audition Acting Class

Hi everyone! I just finished another acting class with Donna Marrazzo in NYC called “Advanced Commercial Audition”. The class was very helpful, adding to the things we learned in the regular Commercial Audition class last fall.  We went more in-depth about the audition process, what things we might (and I did!) encounter during an audition. Donna gave us very simple yet practical advice on how we can not only do our best to emotionally prepare for an audition, but also what clues/direction from the casting directors to look for and to  make sure that we pay attention to those directions as that may be what makes the difference between being considered or cut immediately.  If you happen to be currently enrolled in the regular Commercial Audition class I highly recommend you taking the Advanced Commercial Audition class next.

I love meeting and getting to know all the other actors in these classes!  (I really just love people in general!!!) So far in the classes I have taken not only were there actors from the NYC metro area, there have been people who come up from Philadelphia and one man actually came down from Boston.  Currently, I’m enrolled in another session of Technique Camera Class. It has been a challenge to try to break down some “walls” that I have built up over the years and learn how to emotionally connect with the character that I am portraying.  This class is very helpful because as actors the last thing we want to do is just read the words in the script. We need to become that person. We learn how to analyze the script, and prepare both emotionally and physically to become that person.  It’s amazing to watch the other actors transform into a completely different person during class!  For more information on the classes that Donna Marrazzo Studio offers, you can visit her website at


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