Advanced Commercial Audition Acting Class

Hi everyone! I just finished another acting class with Donna Marrazzo in NYC called “Advanced Commercial Audition”. The class was very helpful, adding to the things we learned in the regular Commercial Audition class last fall.  We went more in-depth about the audition process, what things we might (and I did!) encounter during an audition. DonnaContinue reading “Advanced Commercial Audition Acting Class”

Taco seasoning, pico de gallo, fajitas & quesadillas

Everyone who knows me really well knows how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE tacos. Did I mention how much I love tacos????!!!!???? Seriously, it’s an absolute addiction. I make them at home all the time and I eat them out pretty much everywhere that serves them. Right now I’m trying to be very conscious about what IContinue reading “Taco seasoning, pico de gallo, fajitas & quesadillas”

Technique Camera Class

I just finished a 6 week acting class with Donna Marrazzo Studio in NYC called “Technique Camera Class”.  We explored script and character analysis, cold reading technique, emotional preparation, truthful response, the externals of a character, and developing a relationship with the camera. I really loved this class! Donna has another session starting in January so ifContinue reading “Technique Camera Class”

Commercial Audition Class

I’m currently taking a Commercial Audition class with Donna Marrazzo at Donna Marrazzo Studio in NYC. My husband and two daughters are in the class with me, and we are having a blast! You can find out more about Donna’s classes at Commercial audition class…hard working talented actors. I love my job. #donnamarrazzostudio reading “Commercial Audition Class”